Slide To Play Podcast #155: It Sinks Up Pretty Well With Your Bathroom Time

On this week’s Slide To Play podcast, the bloom comes off the rose as we discuss some of iOS 6 and iPhone 5’s more notable failings: an unreliable Maps app, new chargers, and a host of accessories that need replacing. We also discuss the games we’re playing this week, and answer a couple of reader questions, including which games are best for playing on the john.

Can you autograph my horn?

News: iOS 6 and iPhone 5 downsides

What We’re Playing: Demons’ Score, Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile, Wonderputt, and Rayman Jungle Run

Podcast Questions: What games can you play on an iPhone that you can’t on an iPod Touch? Also: What are your favorite iOS games to play in the bathroom?

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