Slide To Play Podcast #119: Game Versus Level Design

On this week’s “thinker” of a podcast, we discuss two big questions: Was Steve Jobs the gaming industry’s biggest influence, and what’s the difference between game design and level design? This, plus analysis of Atari’s Asteroids, Zombieville USA 2, and a bonus segment with Crescent Moon’s Josh Presseisen.

News: Steve Jobs voted “the most influential” in gaming; game design vs level design.

What We’re Playing: Xenocube SD, Zombieville USA 2, and Asteroids: Gunner.

Podcast question: Do you read other sites’ reviews while writing your own?

Interview with Josh Presseisen from Crescent Moon Games, co-developers of Evertales. Our interview with Josh is available separately. To find it, just click here.

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