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Slide To Play News, Reviews, and Videos Now Available On Gamefly’s GameCenter App

Why wait until “late 2010” to get GameCenter on your phone? We’re not talking about Apple’s buddy lists and leaderboards, we’re talking about Gamefly’s app for the latest video game reviews and news. Their newest version adds iPhone and iPad sections, and guess what? We’re all over it.

When you fire it up, you’ll find Slide To Play reviews, news, and videos integrated into GameCenter in their brand new iPhone and iPad sections. Gamefly’s app will provide you with some of our best new content every day, right next to console reviews from IGN and console news from Shacknews.

You can use Gamefly’s GameCenter app to share our news stories with your friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter from your iDevice. Plus, you can buy iPhone games directly through it as well.

We’re extremely pleased to announce this partnership with Gamefly, and we know GameCenter will help guide you through all the biggest gaming news and reviews during E3 week and long after. Download it now by clicking here.

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