Sleepwalker's Journey

Sleepwalker's Journey is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sleepwalker’s Journey Review

Sleepwalker’s Journey certainly isn’t the first game of its sort. There have been plenty of games where the player is tasked with controlling the environment, not the main character. Yet, 11 Bit Studios has added an undeniable layer of charm and creativity to the mix with their latest. The company has a habit of releasing games that are completely unlike the release before. From Anomaly Warzone Earth to Funky Smugglers to this is a pretty wide array of styles, but it always seems to work for them.

Sleepwalker’s Journey tells the tale of the sleepwalking moonboy. Trapped in dreamland, he trudges ever forward, completely oblivious to the dangers around him. It’s the player’s job to make sure he gets back to bed safely, while collecting as many moons and stars along the way as possible. The game’s visual style is terrific, with a distinct children’s book quality to everything.

Just don’t sleep-drive.

Most of the hazards come from falling, so the player must move platforms and elevators, activate objects like fans, and complete other activities to make sure the sleepwalking boy follows the proper path. While simply reaching the goal is usually a fairly direct task (at least at first), having the boy pass over the collectable moons and stars to get the best possible ranking is an enjoyable and frequently clever trick.

Pillows cause moonboy to gently switch directions and cloud platforms must be slid up and down or left and right. Since the platforms only move short distances, the player must constantly plan several steps ahead of moonboy to make sure platforms, ramps, and other path-creating objects are ready before the little guy gets there. With over 45 levels of dreamy goodness, there’s plenty to do and the developer promises more levels are on the way.

Sleepwalker’s Journey is so brimming with charm and clever, simple gameplay that it instantly won us over. The sliding and tapping controls are intuitive and the game is a perfect choice for younger gamers as well. Levels are short enough to make it feel just right for a mobile game and there’s more than enough content to warrant purchase. 11 Bit Studios continually impresses us with their creativity and diversity, and Sleepwalker’s Journey is another great addition to their library.

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