Skyworks Releases Two New Football Games

Skyworks has achieved some recognition for releasing fun, simple arcade sports Apps like Arcade Hoops and Arcade Bowling. Now the firm tells us that two more football-themed games are ready to download in time for Super Bowl Sunday: QB Pass Attack Football and X’s & O’s Football.

QB Pass Attack Football looks like it’s pretty similar to the two existing Skyworks games, in that you’re standing in front of a virtual arcade machine, gripping footballs, and attempting to toss them through holes using the touchscreen. The game features Classic and Progressive Modes, just like the other Arcade Sports titles, and allows you to control the path of the ball using the accelerometer.

X’s & O’s Football falls into a slightly different category, as it’s more like a tabletop game than an upright arcade kiosk. After you call a play, you get control of your team’s QB from on overhead perspective, and try to throw a strike to your wide receivers. Tilting the iPhone after the catch is made evades tacklers until you reach the end zone.

Both games are available now for $1.99.

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