SkyVu Announces Free, Online Battle Bears Game

Towards the end of GDC last week, Battle Bears developer SkyVu announced that they’ll be partnering with Recharge Studios to create a free, online, squad-based shooter for iOS called Battle Bears Royale. SkyVu’s CEO Benjamin Vu told us their goal was to make a game that’s even better than Ngmoco’s free online shooter, Elminate Pro.

Concept art for Battle Bears Royale reveals different player classes like in Team Fortress 2, several of which are new characters in the Battle Bears universe. In addition to Battle Bears -1 stars Oliver as a soldier, Riggs as a heavy weapons gunner, and Wil as a pyro, there are also new characters in the sniper, engineer, and demoman classes.

Battle Bears Royale will be free to play with in-app purchasing for weapon and armor upgrades, and it will only run on newer iPhones and iPods. The online play will initially only be through Wi-Fi, but support for 3G online play will be coming later. SkyVu tells us Battle Bears Royale will be released sometime this summer.

Battle Bears Royale concept art

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of other Battle Bears-related news. SkyVu will be soon be releasing a free, “one-handed” shooting gallery game called Battle Bears Blast. From what we played, the gameplay is similar to Fruit Ninja in that you must shoot flying Huggables, while avoiding the game-ending explosion caused by shooting Wil.

Battle Bears Blast will have Game Center online leaderboards, and is a free game with ads that can be removed by in-app purchase. You can see more of Battle Bears Blast here.

And finally, Battle Bears stuffed animals will begin shipping in May. The 12″ pink Huggable bears come with removable heads and a neck-hole stuffed with rainbow-colored ribbon. Adorable!

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