‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Landing on iPad Same Day as Consoles

Here’s some good news for fans of the Skylanders-verse (that’s a thing, right?). The next big game in the series will hit iPad and other tablets the very same day it releases for consoles. And this isn’t some slimmed-down mobile experience — it’s the whole game, with all the bells and whistles fully intact.

All that content comes at a price, however. To play the full game on a tablet, you have buy the “Tablet Starter Pack,” a physical set that includes two Skylanders, two traps, a portal that also acts as a tablet stand, and a controller built specifically for the game. That whole package costs $75 and launches October 5.

STT_Tablet_Starter Pack Contents

As for the game itself, you’ll be able to download it for free from the App Store, but the free download is just a limited demo. To unlock the full console-sized game, you need to pair your iPad with the Bluetooth tablet portal. Then you’re good to go.

It all sounds pretty sweet. And if the price seems high, consider that most iOS gaming controllers cost around that much. It’s unclear, however, if the controller is a standard MFi controller that will work with other games.

STT_Tablet_Lifestyle Photo 2

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