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Ski Jumping Pro is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Ski Jumping Pro Review

Anyone who has watched a winter Olympics will know the sport of ski jumping. Simply put, the skier races down a slope with a jump at the end, and the skier must execute a perfect jump and land at the bottom. In real life, the skier must overcome obstacles of wind and gravity, maintain his focus and posture, and land gracefully with style. In Ski Jumping Pro, you simply tap on the screen a couple times.

Each jump plays out pretty much the same. There’s a series of quick time moments where two circles line up on the screen. When they are perfectly lined up, it is your job to tap the screen. This will either start your run, cause your skier to jump, or effect your landing. If you’re playing with the Casual control scheme, this is all you have to do each jump. If you are playing with the Pro controls, you also need to use a slider on the right side of the screen to keep balance in any wind. That’s the whole game.


You have the option of completing a Career Mode or playing a Quick Jump. Either way, you’ll be performing the same actions over and over. Aside from the wind, everything is the same here.

For the diehard Ski Jumping Pro fans, you can customize your skier to become better. Playing in Career Mode will earn you cash, which can be spent on new gear or skis. This equipment provides stat boosts which will help increase your score in each jump. If you don’t have enough in-game money to buy what you want, you can always spend real cash, too. We didn’t find the in-app purchase option very appealing, simply because the game isn’t very engaging.


On a positive note, Ski Jumping Pro does have a great sense of style. The menus and screens are all designed wonderfully and look at home on a touchscreen device. The graphics are also impressive and really do give you the sense of being in an Olympic-level event. After every jump, you’re treated to slow-motion replays of your skier, giving you a visual of how your performed.

Unfortunately, these great graphics are wasted on a boring, repetitive game. After jumping once, you’ve pretty much played the entire game. There is no change in the jumps and all the venues look similar. While the idea of customizing a skier to improve his stats has potential, it’s not enough to keep anyone playing for too long. Ski Jumping Pro has definitely missed the mark.

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