Six Guns Hands-On Preview

Gameloft has created some impressive open-world adventures in the past, like the Gangstar series and Zelda-like Sacred Odyssey. But their upcoming Western-themed game, Six Guns, seems to be headed in a new direction for Gameloft: A freemium open world.

Representatives at Gameloft wouldn’t talk about the pricing plan or in-app purchases for Six Guns, but the preview build we played had all the trappings of the free-to-download model. Everything from more health to coins and bullets were available for purchase with real-world money, and banner ads for other Gameloft games popped up during loading screens. You can even ask the game to notify you when your character’s health becomes full over time.

We mention these in-app purchases because it can dramatically impact the gameplay experience– it’s harder to get lost in a game’s storyline and characters when you’re constantly asked to charge your real-life credit card. But we’re also excited about the prospect of an open world game from Gameloft that is entirely free to play.

Like Gangstar, Six Guns is comprised of several small missions, which you can access directly from the menu screen. You can also travel on foot or horseback to your destination. Some side quests we played included scouring the desert for a rattlesnake antivenom, defending an area from bandits, and racing horses across the plains.

Most of all, we hope that the shorter mission structure and in-app purchases don’t get in the way of a good story. Six Guns follows the cowboy Buck Crosshaw, who fakes his own death in order to escape an escalating county war. Later in the game, there will be a few fantasy elements, like witches, vampires, and werewolves.

The wide-open, natural environments in Six Guns evoke the best parts of Red Dead Redemption, and we’re looking forward to experimenting with the game’s extensive arsenal, including sawed-off shotguns and sniper rifles. Six Guns’ release date and pricing have not been announced, but we’ll bring you more details as soon as we can.

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