Simogo Announces ‘The Sailor’s Dream’

It’s hard to make games that are both unique and good. Many developers strive for one or the other and fail miserably. Simogo has managed to achieve both traits with their games (Beat Sneak Bandit, Year Walk, Device 6) time and again. The company has announced its latest game with a trailer, and judging from experience, it’s probably going to be another winner.

The game is called The Sailor’s Dream, and it’s expected to hit the App Store later this year. The trailer is fairly cryptic, but the glimpses of in-game graphics and lines of script it contains look quite good. Simogo has posted some information on their blog, although they say they want to keep the details under wraps so fans can experience it with fresh eyes.

They say the game is a “challenge-free experience in which you explore a non-linear story through words, music, sounds and illustrations.” The game will have no puzzles or anything potentially getting in the way of players progressing through the story, as Year Walk and Device 6 did. And rather than creating an atmosphere of suspense, they say they are going for something “warmer, yet melancholic.”

Unlike Device 6, the story here will not be a linear, step-by-step narrative. In its place is an open ocean environment, the islands of which you will often be free to explore. There’s more to the game than just that, and they promise more details in the future.

It sounds pretty good to me. Check out Simogo’s blog for more information.

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