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SillyBandz Review

Every generation has its odd collectable phenomenon, and for kids today, it’s SillyBandz. Kids can’t get enough of these rubber bands crimped and crafted into a variety of shapes. This iPhone game, which is basically Angry Birds with SillyBandz, makes perfect use of the brand and even adds enough depth to broaden its appeal to older gamers.

The gameplay consists of shooting SillyBandz at stars scattered around each level. The fewer SillyBandz you use, the higher your score. However, there is no cap on how many shots you can take, which makes the game more forgiving for younger players.

There are also one or two SillyBandz placed in hard-to-reach places in each level. You’re given an incentive to collect them all, as each one has different stats consisting of size, heaviness, and bounciness. With 40 SillyBandz to collect and use, there is a surprising amount of depth to this game. Experienced gamers going for three stars on every level will need to use several different SillyBandz to their advantage.

You’ll never catch me, copper!

Aside from the 30 levels in SillyBandz, there are four minigames based around two concepts. The first involves shooting SillyBandz through rings, and the second requires you to hit some targets while avoiding others. Each has two variations that change the gameplay a bit. Unfortunately, the lack of online leaderboards hurts the lasting appeal of these minigames.

SillyBandz also has solid production values. Each SillyBandz shape transforms into the object it’s shaped as when you shoot it, and plays a little ditty as well. You can go into your SillyBandz collection at anytime to see the object and hear the accompanying sound effects.

Don’t write off SillyBandz as just a game for kids. We aren’t saying it’s highly challenging, but it is a refreshing break from your average Angry Birds clone, especially for $.99.

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