Siegecraft TD Hands-On Preview

We were big fans of Siegecraft when it came out in 2011. The follow-up, Siegecraft TD, looks like it could be just as good– although totally different. Instead of flinging projectiles at incoming enemies, you set up towers to ward them off. That’s standard for a tower defense game, but Siegecraft TD adds a unique twist with its genre mash-up multiplayer mode.

One half of the game is a standard, single-player tower defense campaign. All of the graphics are fully rendered in 3D, so you can change your camera angle and zoom in to your heart’s content. Like in most tower defense games, you can upgrade your towers or sell them off if you’re short of cash.


Tower types include a lava-spewing tower, a hammer tower, a dragon tower, and a balefire tower that shoots a beam of fire as accurately as a laser. The single-player campaign has 30 levels and introduces you to the basic tower mechanics, but the online multiplayer mode is a whole different other altogether.

The multiplayer mode is kind of like a mix between Risk and a tower defense game. You and up to three other players are all vying to conquer areas on a single map. You can plant towers on your land to prevent other players from invading. But if you invade an enemy’s territory and take it over, you’re stuck with whatever towers he or she had placed there. The rules and options go pretty deep, so it’ll take some time before players start to develop working strategies.


Siegecraft TD is a great-looking game that promises to bring a splash of innovation to the tower defense genre, particularly in its multiplayer mode. Look for the game on the App Store in the next couple of months.

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