Shadowgun Multiplayer Update Plans Revealed

One of the week’s biggest new games is Shadowgun, a Gears of War-style shooter that looks and plays a lot like its Xbox 360 counterpart. But one important feature was missing from the initial launch: online multiplayer. According to Pocket Gamer, multiplayer in Shadowgun is inbound.

The Pocket Gamer scoop revealed two interesting details about Madfinger’s planned updates for Shadowgun. One is that the first online multiplayer updates will offer deathmatch and team deathmatch only, and then later updates will include other gameplay types. The other interesting detail is that online multiplayer will be cross-platform between iOS and Android devices.

Shadowgun’s a good game already, but online multiplayer may just be what pushes it into Must Have territory. We’ll keep you updated when we receive more news from Madfinger about this quality, console-like shooter.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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