SciFly II First Look

Some months ago, we reviewed SciFly: Dogfight, finding it to be a pretty good aerial combat game. We just found out that dogfighting fans have something to look forward to. Developer Josh Rosen has been hard at work on SciFly II, which will feature an all-new engine, as well as much more advanced gameplay.

The first SciFly really had the action and graphics down pat, but we felt that the gameplay was a bit constrained–the fighting was confined to small arenas, and there was little sense of progression from one battle to another.

By contrast, SciFly II will be much more of an exploration-oriented experience, according to Rosen. It will take place in a large open world that is being designed to unfold under your craft seamlessly, without load times. And where the first game was defined by simple pitched battles, the second is built around territorial conquest.

As you travel to exotic new locales, you’ll introduce yourself to the natives at weapons-point; the more areas you conquer, the more resources you earn to upgrade your fighter. The game is still in pre-Alpha, so concrete details are scarce, but Rosen is hoping to fit a ton of content into the game. The plans call for seven different craft (to the first game’s four), “a whole lot of weapons,” and also non-fighter enemies such as turrets and battleships.

SciFly II isn’t going to be hitting the App Store anytime soon (it’s a good three to four months away from completion), but we’re excited to learn about this ambitious new game nonetheless.

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