Sci-Fi Shooter Morning Star Announced

Industrial Toys has just announced their first game, a sci-fi shooter called Morning Star. The release date is spring of next year, but they’ve just released a teaser trailer, which you can watch below.

Details are sparse at the moment, but according to their blog it looks like the developers are planning to drop a steady trail of breadcrumbs in the coming months. All we know so far is that Morning Star is set 120 years in the future, and your character is transported across the universe to fight in an alien war. The developers say they’ve come up with a satisfying control scheme, and their stated goal is “to completely change the expectations core gamers have for their mobile games.”

That, obviously, is a tall order, and we’ll have to wait to play the game to see how successful they are. In the meantime, watch the trailer and think hopeful thoughts.

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