Saving Private Sheep

Saving Private Sheep is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Saving Private Sheep Review

Out of the thousands of games in the App Store, there are already a few that call themselves “gravity puzzlers”. You know the kind: simply pop the platforms to make an object fall directly onto the ground. Saving Private Sheep attempts to separate itself from the rest of these games with a funny story, witty dialogue, and of course, addictive gameplay.

We were happy to find that Saving Private Sheep is one of the most addictive physics-based games available. Numerous puzzles will keep you entertained and challenged for a lengthy amount of time, without causing frustration to set in.

That sheep’s been strung along.

The premise of the game is to either rescue sheep by helping them land onto the grass, or kill wolves by pushing them off the ledge to their demise. Subtle hints will keep you guessing which characters are sheep and which are wolves disguised as sheep. This is probably the most difficult aspect of the game at the higher levels, as you will have to deal with multiple sheep and wolves at the same time.

In order to get the sheep or wolves to their destination, you must destroy boxes by touching them with your finger. Once new items are introduced, you will find yourself performing all sorts of gestures on the screen.

Don’t let the simple premise fool you: Saving Private Sheep is not an easy game. After you get through the first five levels, the difficulty starts to rack up. New items are introduced frequently and twists such as timed events make saving sheep a rather tricky task.

Speaking of levels, there are 80 of them, which can offer hours of playtime. Add in the fact that you will replay many of them over and over, and you can bet this game won’t be leaving your device anytime soon.

Completing the various levels will net you a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Which medal you receive is determined by how long it took you to pass a level and how many boxes you blew up to do it. We constantly found ourselves replaying a level to ensure we receive a gold medal. Saving Private Sheep also has Openfeint integration for achievements and leaderboards as well.

On today’s menu: Military Mutton.

One of the best parts of Saving Private Sheep is that it does not take itself too seriously. The visuals and audio feel fresh without being over the top. Random lines of dialogue will keep you amused and waiting for the next one, and the storyline is a kick as well. It all adds up to a very fun experience.

All of this put together makes Saving Private Sheep one fantastic game. This is a game you’ll download and want to keep on your iPhone or iPod Touch until the very end. For the price, Saving Private Sheep is a Must Have. Now go and save some sheep: They need our help more than ever.

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