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Save Toshi is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Save Toshi Review

Since 2D physics puzzlers like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope dominated the sales charts in 2010 (and show no signs of slowing down in 2011), we’re already looking for what’s next, and we think we’ve found it. Save Toshi offers excellent 3-D physics puzzles wrapped up in a strange sense of humor.

In Save Toshi, the Japanese pop star Toshi is stranded in the middle of a lake, and all she wants to do is dance. Your goal is to move her to a dance floor so she can boogie. You can move the camera and fire balls at the screen to affect the environment, but you can’t shoot Toshi herself, or let her fall into the water.

How did you even get up there, Toshi?

Instead, you’ll take aim at the objects around her, which include wooden blocks that can break, heavy concrete balls that will roll, and sheets of ice that Toshi can skate along. The levels are small and compact, but it usually takes some experimenting to find the right combination of moves to launch, slide, or push Toshi onto the dance floor.

When she arrives safely, Toshi breaks out into an adorable dance that seems like the perfect reward for your success. Just like the shouts of joy from the Angry Birds or Om Nom’s smug grin in Cut The Rope, Save Toshi provides a fun celebration after beating each level.

You’ll also receive up to three stars for beating each level with the recommended number of shots. This goal usually gives you a hint about where to shoot, and Save Toshi’s levels are so well-designed that random or haphazard firing is never the best solution.

And now we dance!

We enjoyed every single one of the game’s 60 levels, and can’t wait for the two promised level packs (whether these will be free or paid content is uncertain). It is a bit disconcerting to hear Toshi scream or cough when you accidentally knock her overboard, and most of her lines are extremely silly, like “help me, handsome-u”. If Toshi’s voice bothers you, you can silence the sound and still enjoy the puzzles.

Before Save Toshi came along, we’d almost forgotten that iPhone physics puzzlers can be in 3-D. You can also try it for free in your web browser by clicking here. If you’ve already collected all the stars in those other puzzle games, try taking Toshi to the dance.

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