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Run Roo Run is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Run Roo Run Review

Run Roo Run is a top-shelf iOS game that fits comfortably up there with the likes of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Where’s My Water. Like those games, it’s loaded with cartoonish appeal and is based on a simple gameplay concept that even the greenest of gamers will quickly grasp.

You play as Roo, an extraordinarily fragile kangaroo whose joey has been kidnapped and whisked to the far side of Australia. Your job is to cross the continent one screen-sized level at a time. Roo runs automatically, so all you need to do is tap the screen to jump when necessary. You’ll do a lot of tapping, because the levels are riddled with rocks, spikes, water, and cacti that will kill you just by touching them.

The game is divided into 20 chapters. Each chapter has 15 regular levels and, once you beat those, six unlockable extreme levels. Awesomely, each chapter also introduces a new gameplay mechanic. So as you progress you’ll encounter double-jump power-ups, crumbling platforms, ridable clouds, fans, oil slicks, umbrellas, and a lot more. Any level element is fair game to show up in future levels, too, which keeps the game feeling fresh, even on level 420. Yes, there are a lot of levels.

Don’t drop your hat!

Even still, if all you do is play through the non-extreme levels, Run Roo Run won’t last long. Each level can be beaten in a matter of seconds, so any given chapter might take only a handful of minutes to complete. But because this is an iOS game, you’re awarded with a bronze, silver, or gold medal for each state, depending on how much time you took.

The regular levels are a lot of fun and they introduce you to the concepts in the game, but they’re beatable by any chump with a teaspoon of ambition. The extreme levels are where your abilities are truly tested. Many of these stages are nothing short of sadistic, and only the most OCD gamers will be able to beat all of them, much less get gold medals on them. The game offers a couple of limited-use cheats (you can buy more), but using them will weigh on your conscience when you look back at the levels you’ve “beaten.”

Run Roo Run is a finely-crafted App Store gem that nearly all iOS gamers will enjoy, whether you’re a casual gamer or a callous-thumbed veteran. Between this and Scribblenauts Remix, we can’t wait to see what 5th Cell comes up with next for iOS gamers.

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Run Roo Run is Currently Free

A heads-up to all the frugal platforming fans out there: Run Roo Run is now a universal app, and it’s free to download for a limited time. If you haven’t played this game yet, we really can’t recommend it enough, especially for free.

Run Roo Run is one of our favorite single-button platformers on the App Store. In it, you control a kangaroo as it makes its way through a massive number of single-screen levels. Better yet, 10 additional levels are added each week. It’s a great game (just read our review), and now it’s available the best price possible. Be sure to pick this one up if you haven’t yet.