Rumor: Samsung to Counter iCloud with S-Cloud

The Samsung Galaxy line is arguably the most popular and successful line of Google Android phones in the world. These days, however, great hardware isn’t enough. Services are an important part of supporting phones and tablets. One of the differentiating services Apple has for the iPhone and iPad is iCloud. The iCloud service is a useful and convenient (but limited) way to store and back up data. The word on the street is that Samsung will announce a similar service — with the amazingly unoriginal name S-Cloud — on May 3, 2012 to support its phones and tablets.

The Verge reports:

Although there’s little detail on the features of S-Cloud, Maeil Business says it’s similar to iCloud but without any limitations on the type of content you can upload. It is also expected to ship with access to popular TV shows, movies, and music with free and paid content that will be available across a range of Samsung devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Storage is rumored to be “more than 5GB,” but it’s not clear whether that’s down to paid offerings.

The cloud-storage market is becoming viciously competitive. Apple and Samsung are going at it with original services. HTC’s latest phones feature a whopping 25GB of cloud space through Dropbox. Nokia’s Windows Phone models feature Microsoft Skydrive functionality. It will be interesting to see how Samsung S-Cloud compares to iCloud, Dropbox, and Skydrive.

Out of curiosity, are you using cloud services on your iOS device? Do you prefer iCloud, Dropbox, Box, or another service?

[Via: The Verge]

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