Rumor: Rovio Working on Angry Birds Game That Lets You Play as the Pigs

Late last week, game site Pocket-lint revealed what it’s calling an exclusive bit of news related to the Angry Birds series. Rovio is supposedly working on an Angry Birds spin-off game that lets you experience the avian saga from the perspective of the pigs. Sounds intriguing, to be sure, but we’ll chalk this one up as a rumor until Rovio offers up some confirmation. If you’re interested, here’s the information that’s been presented so far.

The premise of this alternative take on Angry Birds (it needs a name–Happy Pigs? Smiley Pigs? The little bacon-balls are awfully smug most of the time, aren’t they?) sees the pigs guarding over their few remaining eggs. The series’ famous physics-based gameplay still applies here, supposedly: you need to fling pigs at the birds to halt their selfish attempts to rescue their offspring. Like the birds, the pigs all offer up differing weights and attack specialties.

The rumors run thin from this point on, though Pocket-lint reports that the game is due out later this year, possibly Holiday 2012. Provided this all turns out to be true, can the pigs serve as sympathetic antagonists? What do you think? I mean, we’ve all done some pretty rancid things just to get our hands on some breakfast, right?

[Source: Pocket-lint via Gamezebo]

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