Rumor Mill: PSP 2 Will Be Announced At E3, Fight Back Against iPhone

Sony has been shooting down rumors about the state of its PSP platform for a while now, ever since it layed the smackdown on IGN for disclosing that an iPhone-like PSP 2 was under development. Now, a far more detailed report on the PSP-to-be has leaked, disclosing pronounced similarities to the iPhone. Sony’s response? Radio silence, at least thus far.

PocketGamer reports that “a developer working on the new hardware” has spilled the beans on the new PSP, which is to be announced at E3 this year and ready for retail by the Holidays.

The new device is said to have an iPhone-like touchscreen that slides upwards to reveal full game controls–including dual analog sticks. In a further nod to Apple, all of the games will be downloadable from PlayStation Store. There’s no word as to the presence of accelerometers or cellular capabilities yet. The (speculative, imaginary, not real) mockup to the left is courtesy of Kotaku.

Don’t start pinching your pennies just yet. PocketGamer’s rumor is as yet unconfirmed… just like reports of a souped-up new iPhone this summer. Whose vaporware will materialize first, and best?

[from PocketGamer via Kotaku]

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