Rumor Mill: New iPhone Coming This Summer With Souped-Up Graphics, Faster Internet?

Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 announcement has been followed by a wave of whispers about a major hardware update in mid-July that will add graphics horsepower, a faster Internet connection, and possibly even a slide-out keyboard!

Boy Genius Report states that an internal AT&T memo pegs the iPhone announcement for mid-June, with the product launch about a month later. 7.2 Mps OTA Internet appears to be on its way as well; that info is “100% confirmed,” according to the site.

MacRumors adds that a powerful new chipset is rumored for the next iPhone that will greatly improve graphics capabilities. Video recording and playback may also be in the offing.

Between all of this hardware scuttlebutt, and the many fantastic new games that have been announced at GDC, it’s certainly an exciting time to be an iPhone gamer!

[from Boy Genius Report and MacRumors]

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