Rovio’s Follow-Up to Angry Birds Releases Thursday

Rovio has been very busy since releasing Angry Birds in 2009, but all of their projects have involved Angry Birds in some form or other. That is, until July 12. This Thursday they’re finally releasing a new game called Amazing Alex. Watch the trailer below.

Amazing Alex is a physics puzzler, much like the classic game The Incredible Machine or, more recently, Casey’s Contraptions, which Amazing Alex is actually based on. Rovio acquired the rights to the Casey’s Contraptions IP earlier this year, and has revamped it into Amazing Alex. Exactly what changes they made we’ll have to wait to see on Thursday.

However, the trailer says the game will feature 100 levels, with free updates to come in the future, as well as a level editor for players to create their own puzzles, which they can upload for others to play.

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