Rovio Announces Angry Birds Space

Rovio Mobile, creators of the world’s most popular iPhone game, Angry Birds, announced a new game on their blog today: Angry Birds Space. According to some reports, NASA is involved with the game as well. There’s a teaser trailer and a website, but neither has any significant details on how the game will look or play.

You can check out the teaser site here, which is barely more than a logo at this point. Engadget also reports that NASA and National Geographic will be involved with the launch of the game, but we’re not sure about how. More details on Rovio’s next game should come out around GDC in early March, and the game will launch for unspecified platforms on March 22.

What would you like to see in the next Angry Birds game? 3D graphics? Augmented reality? Online multiplayer? Or just more of the same fowl-flinging gameplay?

[via Rovio Blog]

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