RollOut is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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RollOut Review

Remember Monsters, Inc., the movie where monsters of all shapes and sizes became the friends of little kids everywhere? Well, the protagonist in Roll Out looks like he belongs there, with his plethora of legs, mouth full of fangs, and persistent ability to roll around without care. And on top of that, his name is Wabba.

Roll Out may not feature Ludacris or his song of the same name, but it does have some great puzzling qualities. The mechanic is based on little Wabba rolling around while rows of puzzle elements scroll across the screen. These can do anything from propelling Wabba into the air to changing his speed, which all help him jump from platform to platform to reach the exit. All you have to do is scroll the screen, a process that deactivates and changes the positions of these elements, and then time when to stop scrolling, to activate the elements once more.

He hates being called a hedgehog.

Each level is set in some bizarre alternate dimension with a swirling portal at the end serving as the exit. This makes us feel sorry for Wabba, because each portal only brings him to another level that reminds us of the inside of a humorless virtual simulator. Additionally, the music is somewhat stressful, because it manages to sound like the techno version of a haunted castle.

All of this said, the game has a variety of puzzling elements that keep it fresh and challenging for the avid puzzler. Each of the 50 levels gives you a medal for beating the target time, which can usually be achieved by avoiding mistakes, making it great for the achievement-hungry. On top of that, the game is easy to understand and play, so it provides a good puzzle fix– one that avid puzzlers and monster admirers alike will enjoy.

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