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Rolando 2 Rolling Out On Wednesday, Rolando 1 To Disappear

148Apps reports that Rolando 2: Quest For The Golden Orchid is dropping this Wednesday, July 1st.

But in some weird twist on thermodynamics, the total amount of Rolando on the App Store will be conserved–the original Rolando will reportedly be rolling out the door as soon as the new one enters. What gives?

ngmoco has done this before, starting with Topple and Topple 2. Presumably, the idea is to remove any possible source of confusion for Rolando 2 buyers, while insuring that ngmoco’s (sure to be significant) marketing efforts are as targeted as possible.

However, this seems like more of a retail/traditional console strategy than something that is appropriate for the App Store, in our view. There’s no need to “clear inventory” over here.

Plus, ngmoco’s spent a fair amount of resources adding new levels to the original Rolando, and it seems like a shame to kick it off the App Store. If anything, the publisher could probably eke some additional revenue out of the title by putting it on sale, and then promoting it to Rolando 2 players that want to see the original.

[from 148Apps]

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