Rockman Xover Probably Not Coming to the North American App Store After All

Here’s an interesting switch: A video game that won’t be coming to North America because fans want to see it buried. Rockman Xover, an iOS action game set in the Mega Man universe, has sparked so much criticism and rage amongst English-speaking fans that Capcom is probably going to abandon its plans to localize the title.

“Based upon the largely negative feedback from MM fans, I’ve requested that we place any Americas release on hold for the time being,” Capcom’s senior vice present Christian Svensson stated in an Ask Capcom thread, though he also said that the project isn’t entirely off the table at this point.

Though Rockman Xover has over 100,000 registered players in Japan, the game features little action beyond shooting enemies on flat, auto-scrolling stages. This supposed tribute to Mega Man’s 25 years of life has some fans rankled, hence Svensson’s decision. You can catch a hands-on video preview of the game over at The Mega Man Network.

Source: Protodude’s Rockman Corner

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