Rocketcat Games Releases Mage Gauntlet Trailer

Rocketcat Games, the makers of Hook Champ, Super QuickHook, and Hook Worlds, are just about ready to release their next game, a Super Nintendo-style action RPG called Mage Gauntlet. Check out the screenshots to the right and the trailer below.

Mage Gauntlet will normally cost $2.99, but early buyers can pick it up for a dollar less. If you buy the game at the sale price, you’ll also receive a “Rocketcat Fan Pack,” which includes a pet that will follow you around and give a small stat boost as well as several hats, including a sandwich hat.

We’ll be sure to let you know when we have an exact release date for Mage Gauntlet. In the meantime, enjoy the retro-style hacking, slashing, and magical destruction depicted in the trailer.

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