Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition Review

Just when you thought Robot Unicorn Attack couldn’t get any further from boring old reality, it goes and gets a heavy metal skin. What this means is that, functionally, this is exactly the same game as before, but now the graphics are adorned with bones and pentagrams, and the background music is a speed metal track that claws at your undying soul.

Despite that the changes are purely cosmetic, they give the game a very different feel from the original. Gone is the melodic crooning of Erasure’s “Always”. In its place is “Battlefield,” by the German metal group Blind Guardian (you can hear the song below). This song comes at you fast and furiously, giving the game an urgency that was nowhere to be found in the original.

The robot unicorn of the apocalypse.

Since the Heavy Metal Edition’s music and graphics are steeped in the established heavy metal tradition, this version feels more like a cohesive product, whereas the original felt like a dozen different oddball ideas mashed together to create something utterly unique.

Overall, we find this version more offputting than the standard bubble-gum-colored one, but that’s really a matter of personal taste. Plenty of people out there like heavy metal music and morbid art, and if you’re one of them, this is the version for you.

For a discussion about the basic gameplay of the Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition, check out our review of the original.

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