Roar Rampage

Roar Rampage is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Roar Rampage Review

Roar Rampage offers mindless entertainment at its best. You play as a giant monster whose only job is to destroy everything in its path. To that end, the game gives you 45 levels’ worth of buildings and military equipment to obliterate. Have at it.

It’s that simple. There aren’t any puzzles to solve, and only the thinnest amount of strategy to learn. But that’s perfectly all right with us, because wreaking havoc in a game has rarely been this fun.

Most of that fun stems from the control mechanic. There’s no D-pad or buttons, or anything between you and the forces of destruction. Your main weapon is the monster’s fist, and to control it you use your finger. The monster walks forward automatically, so your job is to swipe your finger around the screen, destroying the enemies and buildings in your path.

As you pound away at buildings, huts, bridges, and fences, the monster punches holes into them. Because of the tactile nature of the controls, you actually feel like you’re causing the destruction. And the game uses a wonderful physics model to translates the speed of your swipe into the power of the monster’s punch. It’s incredibly fun, and oh so satisfying.

Humans fight back, but they’re realistically puny. Fighter jets shoot missiles at you and turrets pelt you with bullets, but these can be blocked with your fist. The game becomes more challenging as you progress, but it almost never feels unfair or annoying.

Occasionally you’ll pick up a wrecking ball or a light post that increase your reach and the amount of destruction you cause. Green orbs you collect (or buy through in-app purchase) count as currency that give you access to power-ups, items, and ridiculous costumes that add to the overall cartoonish joy of the game. There’s even a bonus level that plays exactly like Brick Breaker.

All the zaniness and destruction coalesces into a wild, gorgeous, simple, and gratifying experience. It may not keep you coming back for long, but while it does, you’ll have a great time. In other words, if you don’t play Roar Rampage, you’re missing out.

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