R.I.P. is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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R.I.P. Hands-On

By weight, the App Store is the province of clones, knockoffs, imitations, homages, and other sundry “me too” games. It isn’t often that we run into something we simply haven’t seen before, and R.I.P. fits that description, even though we can hardly call it a game in its present state.

Ghosts want to find their final resting spot–that’s what makes them haunt their old stomping grounds in the first place. The spirit you play in R.I.P. apparently liked to hang out in the graveyard in life, and yet it can’t seem to find the particular tombstone it calls home in death. That’s your job: get the ghost in the ground where it belongs.

Doing so is stupid easy, because the game tells you exactly where to go. It never takes more than a minute in any case. But R.I.P.’s main attraction isn’t the gameplay, it’s the presentation. You move your iPhone around to “look” around the graveyard, as if you were moving around inside of a Quicktime VR file. Mist billows up through the ground as you navigate around dead trees and headstones. Meanwhile, suitably spooky atmospheric sounds fill the environment, like wind whistling through the trees. Brrrr!

Like we said, R.I.P. isn’t really a game, and it may never become one for all we know. It is, however, an interesting look at where iPhone games could be heading in the future: augmented reality.

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