Ridiculous Fishing Launches March 14

Vlambeer has just released an exceptionally brief trailer for their upcoming game Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption. The trailer was originally made for Vine, the new app from Twitter that lets you create looping six-second videos. Ridiculous Fishing is set to hit the App Store next week, on March 14. They haven’t decided on a price yet, but they promise it will cost “less than five dollars.” Watch the trailer below.

In the game, you play as a particularly violent fisherman named Billy. You drop your hook into the water, catch a bunch of fish, reel them in, and flip them into the air, at which point you pull out a weapon like a chainsaw or a minigun and shred it to pieces.

Ridiculous Fishing is the sequel to Vlambeer’s three-year-old Flash game Radical Fishing. If you’ve followed iOS gaming news for a while, you may recall the controversy that started when Gamenauts basically released a clone of Radical Fishing under the name Ninja Fishing. Since then, rather than sitting around fuming, Vlambeer has been hard at work on on Ridiculous Fishing.

And let me say that I appreciate the brevity of the trailer, because it shows that Vlambeer respects our time. We all have lives here. For 99% of games on the App Store, we don’t need to spend two and a half minutes watching a video to get excited. Thanks for that, Vlambeer.

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