Ride 'Em Rigby - Regular Show

Ride 'Em Rigby - Regular Show is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show Review

Regular Show is a Cartoon Network program about two friends who work at a park as groundskeepers. One is Rigby, a trouble-stirring raccoon, and the other is an arguably more mature blue jay named Mordecai, and they both tend to either slack or goof off (or perhaps both at once).

Despite the show starring two characters, however, the game stars Rigby, and Mordecai is all but excluded from the proceedings. Based on an episode that has Rigby tethered to his macho mentor Muscle Man, Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show is cut from the endless runner genre as Rigby rides Muscle Man rodeo-style through the park, dodging obstacles and collecting cans and obstacle-clearing power-ups (including unicorn-driven drag-racers and laser-firing piano keyboards) along the way.


The controls are simple: Tap the right side of the screen to make Rigby jump, and tap it again to make him double jump, while tapping left lets the duo slide through tubes. Unfortunately, though these controls are simple, they aren’t always responsive– the double jump in particular.

For whatever reason, as the game progresses in speed and difficulty, the controls begin to feel like they’re actively working against you. Sometimes Rigby’s movements feel restrained as a result, and even when tapping again for a double jump, you’ll hear the sound it makes, but won’t get the action, leading to Rigby taking damage. This happens quite a bit.


Despite fighting the controls, the game is still playable and most (if not all) of the stages are beatable with a bit of persistence. We were able to complete three-quarters of the game in about 20 minutes or so, meaning it isn’t too bad. But even during that short time, the repetitive backgrounds, music, and sound effects can get a little monotonous, so it might be best not to take this all in one go.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that in addition to the 20 levels (or “miles,” as they’re called), there is an endless mode which you can try out to see how long you can last for a higher score.

Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show is a shallow but decently fun game which fans of the show will probably get more out of than those who are less familiar. It doesn’t really do much new or groundbreaking, but is a fun diversion– at least until the controls catch up with you.

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