Riddim Ribbon Due Out February 8th

Game developer Tapulous announced today that they are close to completing their next title, Riddim Ribbon, a music-themed racing game that is due to arrive on the App Store on Monday, February 8th.

The game bears some resemblance to the PC game AudioSurf. As music plays, you follow specified paths while trying to hit special notes on the track and avoid running into the sides. If you derail your groove, the music will be stripped down to its bass beat.

Since it’s due out in just two weeks, we wont have to wait long to find out exactly how this game turned out, but we already know for sure that it looks very unique, and adds some awesome new twists to the music genre on iPhone.

Tapulous has reached widespread fame in the world of iPhone development for their incredibly popular Tap Tap Revenge series. The popularity of TTR has made Tapulous into a highly profitable iPhone developer, as they have reported that due to sales of the Tap Tap series and in-game advertising are currently generating approximately $1 million per month.

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