Revolutionary Concepts and Konami Reveal New Game, Gesundheit!

We’ve been fans of Revolutionary Concepts for years now– they’ve brought classic games like Karate Champ, Road Blaster, and Cobra Command to iOS, along with new games like Banzai Rabbit and UFO on Tape. Their next project is something completely original, and it stars a green pig with seasonal allergies.

Gesundheit!, which will be published by Konami, is described as an “arcade puzzle action” game. You have to rescue your fellow towns-pigs from hungry monsters, and to do so, you’ll have to use your special abilities of sneezing and spewing snot.

There are 40 levels, which sounds like a pretty good deal for $.99 on the iPhone ($1.99 on the iPad). The artwork is from television animator Matt Hammill, and you can view more of his work on his website.

Gesundheit! is currently in review at Apple, and could be available on the App Store as soon as next week.

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