Device 6 Review

One thing’s for sure: Simogo has no shortage of creativity or ambition. Their last game, Year Walk, was a Swedish folklore-inspired horror adventure with an insane companion app that went well beyond explaining the characters and symbols used in the game. Device 6, their latest game, is a more focused title, but no less original. It’s also a fantastic reading and gaming experience.  Read More →

Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards Review

Drop those g’s, because it’s time to go huntin’ and fishin’. Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards, a best-selling app based on the A&E reality series, is a surprisingly fun collection of rapid-fire minigames in the style of Warioware. This game exceeded our modest expectations, which were set a bit low due to previous TV tie-in apps, and the appearance of frog leg pie and squirrel stew on the menu.

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Bit.Trip Run! Review

The Bit.Trip series is a cult classic in the indie gaming scene. Mixing retro style graphics with a chiptune soundtrack and a brutal level of difficulty, it’s the perfect mixture of fun and originality. The standout game in the series is Bit.Trip Runner, where you control Commander Video by sliding, kicking, and jumping past any obstacles that block your path. Bit.Trip Run! is the highly anticipated sequel.

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Gunner Z Review

Gunner Z is one of the most micro transaction-obsessed games we’ve ever seen. Where Plants vs. Zombie 2 proved that developers could release a free game with an amazingly non-intrusive transaction system, this game goes in the exact opposite direction and essentially demands money to keep up with the game’s action. That’s a real shame, because while the core gameplay isn’t especially creative or diverse, this isn’t a bad shooter otherwise.  Read More →

Call of Duty: Strike Team Review

The juggernaut Call of Duty franchise has endured mixed results when branching out from consoles and PC. The zombie iterations had much success on iOS, but a re-hash of Black Ops failed miserably on PS Vita. iOS seems to be the lucky platform for CoD because Strike Team is a welcomed and refreshing entry that rivals the stagnant console versions in certain ways. Call of Duty: Strike Team provides an excellent first-person shooting experience while integrating an all new top-down tactical mode that steals the show.  Read More →

Riddick: The Merc Files Review

When Vin Diesel announced he was starting Tigon games during the era of the original Xbox, I scoffed and promptly forgot about it until the Chronicles of Riddick game arrived. It was actually an impressive game, but unfortunately that was about the last we heard from Vin’s foray into gaming. Until now. Tigon is back with another Riddick game, subtitled the Merc Files. It’s an iOS-only game centered entirely on stealthy game play.  Read More →

Type:Rider Review

Type:Rider is a strikingly ambitious game. It’s a platformer that has you play as a pair of dots who jump, swim, and solve environmental puzzles to progress. It’s also an educational game that teaches you about the history of typography as you play. And it looks fantastic. So if you’re a word nerd, a history buff, or a platforming fan, this is a game you’ll want to play.  Read More →