Republique Review

Republique is the first episode of a new IP that hits the ground running on iOS. The main character starts off locked in a jail cell, where you quickly learn that she’s been placed for possessing what the oppressive dictatorship considers contraband. The twist is, you don’t play as the main character. You are a rogue security guard who has control over the regime’s network and has decided to help the main character escape her captivity. Her name, in a none-too-subtle bit of symbolism, is Hope. (more…)

Star Trek Trexels Review

Much like the films of the franchise, Star Trek games have always been a mixed bag. But where the films run the gamut from good to lousy, the games, for the most part, are a mix of playable-but-dull to downright awful. YesGnome is the latest developer to take a shot at the franchise, with Trexels, a micro-manager for iOS in which you supply and train a crew of Starfleet personnel on your very own Federation starship that you build up and maintain. So was their phaser set to deliver a truly stunning game or have they killed their chance at creating a fantastic Trexperience? (more…)

Anchorman 2: Scotchy Scotch Toss Review

Movie tie-in games are universally regarded with suspicion. Often, their development isn’t motivated by the need for creative expression, but rather a cynical opportunity to piggyback on a Hollywood marketing campaign. There are exceptions, like Despicable Me: Minion Rush, a fun licensed game that has racked up an incredible number of downloads. But Anchorman 2: Scotchy Scotch Toss is a paltry app that is much less fun than the film that inspired it. (more…)

The Shadow Sun Review

The Shadow Sun is a game that I honestly thought we would never see. Announced three years ago, the game was promised to be something that would give us an Elder Scrolls-like experience for iOS from developers who had worked on games like Baldur’s Gate and NeverWinter Nights. With a gameplay promise like that and from people with those kinds of resumes, expectations ran high for RPG fans. (more…)

Cut the Rope 2 Review

The biggest sugar fiend on the App Store is back, in a game that may have a 2 in its title, but is actually the fourth entry in the series. The goal is the same as ever– to deliver candy to Om Nom’s open mouth– but they’ve added a number of tweaks and changes to keep the experience as fresh as possible. (more…)

The Room Two Review

The first Room was a fantastic dark, atmospheric puzzle game that took place within the confines of a single room. The sequel takes the same concept and expands it, with larger environments and more varied puzzles. You’re no longer confined to a single room; instead, you move from room to room, facing multiple puzzles you’ll need to solve almost simultaneously. The Room has become more complex, but it has kept everything that made it great. (more…)

Lords of Waterdeep Review

I’m going to call it: We’re in a board game renaissance. Every day I seem to get Kickstarter project alerts for new physical and digital board games. Tablets make a perfect platform for digital versions of board games, and Lords of Waterdeep is the new gold standard for the genre. So, I bid you to cast aside your D20 and enter the Forgotten Realms for one of the best board games I’ve played in a very long time. (more…)