Front Wars Review

Advance Wars hit the Game Boy Advance over a decade ago, but the many clones on the App Store testify to its enduring popularity. The clones usually offer a twist or two on the original’s formula, and Front Wars has staked out its territory with a World War II theme. But is the Greatest Generation enough to make the game stand out for the Nintendo Generation? (more…)

Bardbarian Review

Bardbarian, the latest from developer TreeFortress, tells the tale of Brad, a local barbarian village protector. He’s quite used to his routine by now: He has to protect the Town Crystal by fending off the various monsters and baddies that attack. He’s so used to it, as a matter of fact, that he’s outright bored with it. He’s also a somewhat refined barbarian, having an affinity for music, and thusly strings his battleaxe, turning it into a lute. This makes the chore of defending the town much more palatable to our hero, but is it enough to keep gameplay fresh? (more…)

In Fear I Trust Review

In Fear I Trust puts you in the role of someone who wakes up in a mysterious facility with no recollection of how they got there. By exploring the environment around you, the reasoning behind why you’re there and what happened to you start becoming more apparent. If the storyline sounds a bit familiar, you’ve probably played a game just like this before. (more…)

Across Age 2 Review

Maurice Chevalier sang “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” and while the sentiment sounds a little bit creepy today, we don’t know what Japanese-style roleplaying games would do without them. That’s certainly true of Across Age 2, a “Retro Action RPG” that would be lost without its women of an ambiguous age. (more…)

Shadow Blade Review

It’s not exactly controversial to say that platformers generally aren’t the best types of games to play on touchscreen devices. Shadow Blade isn’t your average platformer. The game itself isn’t anything all that different from what you might have played before, but the controls feel so natural that you may find yourself falling into a Zen-like state when you’re playing. (more…)

Walking Dead: The Game – Season 2 Review

In case you were under the impression that season two of The Walking Dead game would be less brutal than season one, the prologue will recalibrate your expectations. The game kicks off by giving the characters a shimmer of hope and then stomping it out. The world is in shambles, the dead rise to feed on the living, and survivors are left to fight for the scraps. Welcome to hell. (more…)

Castle Doombad Review

Evil is an oft-neglected demographic in the world of game development. Grumpyface Studios (the makers of Super Mole Escape) and Adult Swim Games have teamed up to fill this void with Castle Doombad, a 2D, side-scrolling trap game. Players take on the role of a minion in the service of Dr. Lord Evilstein and are tasked with setting up a collection of traps to fend off waves of attacking heroes. (more…)

RoboCop Review

RoboCop is a fusion of man and machine, a being caught between technology and his humanity. We feel trapped in the same way when a particularly addictive app prevents us from putting down our iPad. Glu’s new free-to-download shooter RoboCop is an endless series of intense shootouts that will fuse your device to your hands.  (more…)

Fightback Review

Developer Ninja Theory has been pumping out some impressively cinematic and gorgeous third-person action games on console systems for a while now, but Fightback is their first foray into the mobile world. They started out simple, sticking to what they know– great looking brawling with a distinctly classic sensibility. Although the game comes out hot on the tail of Double Dragon Trilogy and is clearly influenced by such classic coin-op games, Fightback is built from the ground up to be a touchscreen-based fighter. (more…)