Flappy Golf Review

Based on the title, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Flappy Golf for one of the hundreds of Flappy Bird clones that have invaded the App Store. Almost universally, however, those clones were poorly made attempts to cash in on another developer’s success. Flappy Golf is different. Instead of using Flappy Bird as a template for a shoddy remake, Flappy Golf uses it as a seed of inspiration. The result is something completely different from Flappy Bird– and very fun. (more…)

Out There Review

If you’ve seen Gravity, Alien, Apollo 13, or any other movie set in space, then you know that a lot can go wrong. In that airless, uninhabitable environment, humans rely on tools to keep them alive. In Out There, you play as an astronaut who’s alone on a ship, far from home, and wants to get back safely. To put it bluntly, a lot goes wrong. (more…)

Card Wars – Adventure Time Review

Card Wars is “kinda stupid” and “for nerds who do not know how life is outside of the nerd universe”– at least, to hear Jake and Finn tell it. But in reality, it– or at least, this video game adaptation of the game featured in the Adventure Time episode of the same name– is kind of awesome, and not as super-complicated as to require two hours to explain. (more…)

Tengami Review

Tengami is an adventure game set in an intricately designed pop-up book version of ancient Japan. While that might make it sound like a game for kids, it’s not. You walk the around gorgeously textured monochromatic landscapes, looking for environmental puzzles to solve to progress. As you play, you turn “pages” with your finger to collapse the current environment and unfold the next one. It’s pretty cool. (more…)

Word Puttz Review

Words games really do seem to be a dime a dozen on the App store, yet occasionally one grabs us and forces us to reconsider our stance on the genre. Most of the really popular word games are multiplayer-centric, which is fine for those out there who like that sort of thing. But what about the anti-social word lovers? Who cares about us? Well, as it turns out, Jackbox Games cares. (more…)

Final Fantasy VI Review

Final Fantasy VI is a classic for a reason. It has everything: lovable characters, a twisting story, tons of gameplay variety, and loads of player customization. It helped create and popularize many game mechanics that you still find in games today. The iOS port doesn’t make any drastic changes to the gameplay or story, but it does tweak other elements of the game, in ways both good and bad. (more…)

Baldur’s Gate II iPad Review

Like I alluded to in my preview of the game, playing Baldur’s Gate II was one of the defining moments for me as a gamer. It holds a special place in my gaming heart, and you’d be hard pressed to find an “all-time best of” list that doesn’t include this amazing game. Unfortunately, times they have a changed. RPGs have evolved and the way we play games has changed, so a straight port of this computer classic just doesn’t work for the iPad. (more…)

Flappy Bird Review

Flappy bird is a one-button game that has reached such a level of popularity that we can no longer ignore it. Because there’s so little to it, it’s one of the stranger games to skyrocket to the top of the free games list. Apparently the world has a never-ending appetite for bird-based mobile games. (more…)