Reviewer’s Paradise Tourney Results!

The devs have been paid, the games played, the Bottom Lines drawn, and the reviews posted. Our Reviewer’s Paradise contest is over, and we have our winners!

First Prize ($20 in iTunes money) goes to ForestDepths for an extremely thorough treatment of Arvale: Journey of Illusion. Well done, sir (or madam)!

The Runners-Up Prizes ($10 in iTunes money each) go to cazure and tsj5j for Tatomic and Cooking Mama respectively. Great work, guys.

We are also instituting a special $10 Bonus Prize for Video and awarding it to iKryptic.

All four winners have been notified via PM, and some of them have been offered reviewer positions at STP, too. We will be reposting their winning reviews over the course of this week.

Let us say that it was not easy to choose the winners for this contest. We were impressed by the hard work everyone put into their reviews, and we found the overall quality level to be very high. In fact, we thought this contest was such a big success that we’re going to start running it on a monthly basis; we want to keep spreading the love and expanding our coverage.

So, stay tuned for the start of the new contest, and keep ’em coming!

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