Updated: Zombieville USA 2 Review

We’re glad to see that developer Mika Mobile is listening to feedback. An update for Zombieville USA 2 has hit the App Store, and it address a couple of the complaints we had with the game in our original review, like the stiff d-pad and super slow accumulation of money.

Thanks to its expanded touch area, the d-pad has been brought up to standard. It still appears the same size on the screen, but now you can touch outside of it or drag your thumb off of it, and your character will move in that direction. That’s an improvement over the previous d-pad, whose input area was overly small, resulting in clunky controls.

They’ve also upped the money drops, which means you can buy new gear and upgrades slightly quicker than you could before. It’s still slow going, but it’s an improvement. Note that the levels still unlock at a very slow rate, so you won’t find yourself replaying the levels any less than before.

While we appreciate the tweaks, we’re still lukewarm on the game. After all, the d-pad tweak makes the controls feel how they should have felt in the first place, and the money-drop adjustment doesn’t result in significantly less grinding. But if you like shooting zombies and don’t mind highly repetitive gameplay and grinding for gear, Zombieville USA 2 has you covered.

If anyone deserves to die– or to re-die, as the case may be– it’s zombies. These animated corpses have been chasing the living for decades now, and Zombieville USA 2 is the latest title to send them after the brains of iPhone gamers. The question is whether or not taking them out is worth your while.

In Zombieville, you pick three weapons to bring with you, and then you hit the apocalyptic streets. Zombies of various shapes and sizes emerge from the ground and come at you, and you tap buttons that correspond to your weapons in order to shoot or hack away at them. As you make your way down the side-scrolling street, you’ll collect cash and ammo by destroying items in the environment.

Extra chunky.

The cash you pick up can be spent between rounds on new weapons, upgrades, items, and perks. So if you want to buy a Tesla gun, a med-pack, and increase your rifle skills, you can, provided you have the funds. Unfortunately, accruing enough money to buy just about anything takes a sluggishly long time.

Worse, other than the zombies becoming tougher, every level is nearly identical. And to unlock each additional level, you have to earn a certain number of kills by grinding through levels you’ve already beaten numerous times. That might be forgivable if the gameplay were deeper, but the fighting mostly consists of button-mashing. After a while, replaying the same level over and over to save up for a new weapon doesn’t feel like a good use of your free time.

Extra char.

You can play co-op matches either locally or online, but adding another person to the mix doesn’t really add anything to the experience. Also, the controls are decent, but they’re a little stiff. If your thumb wanders off the d-pad, your character stops moving entirely, which often results in a zombie chomping on your neck.

On the plus side, the visuals are great. The art is cartoonish, and the animation is silky smooth. And if you don’t mind grinding through the same content repeatedly to unlock and upgrade your gear, Zombieville USA 2 has you covered. There’s a wide variety of weapons and perks to collect.

Zombieville USA 2 leaves us disappointed. If money were easier to come by, and progressing through the levels went at a speedier clip, we might give the game another shot. But until then, we’ll stick to games that are less of a slog.

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