Zombie Wonderland Review

Being a zombie cleaner during the apocalypse requires mastery of several skills. First and most importantly, you have to be able to handle a firearm, because otherwise you’ll end up a zombie yourself and just add to the problem. Secondly, mopping skills are important, because if zombie guts stain the woodwork, you’re going to have some ‘splaining to do to the client who hired you. And lastly, you’ve gotta be cool as ice when things get out of control, because they absolutely will.

In Zombie Wonderland you play as Chuck, a man well-equipped for the job. His clients are the citizens of Niceville, who merely want to live their lives without having to worry about the zombie hordes that come a-clawing every night. You’re tasked with boarding up windows, mowing down hordes, and cleaning any chunky stains off the floor.

Where’s Bruce Campbell when you need him?

The controls are simple and effective: Tap the hammer icon to board up a window, tap the zombies you want to shoot, and rub the scrub wheel to mop up any green intestines that spill inside. Shooting takes up the vast majority of your time, so mostly you’ll be tapping zombies as they come at you from all directions. The zombies come in four different types, and determining which ones to focus on first is important for staying alive.

Underneath all the green gore, Zombie Wonderland is a time management game, and the frantic nature of it will either appeal to you or be extremely frustrating. Some gamers get a thrill out of being nearly overwhelmed at every moment, while others would rather mop up viscera themselves.

Breached perimeters are the worst kind.

Gamers in either camp, however, will appreciate Zombie Wonderland’s polish. The environments are 3D, smooth, and colorful, and the audio– from the music to the one-liners– is pleasantly reminiscent of Minigore’s. The pacing of the game, too, feels just right. New zombie types are slowly added as you play through the story mode, as are new types of bullets, weapons, and cleaning supplies.

There’s also a Survival Mode that removes the need for you to clean up and lets you slaughter until you become someone’s snack. Leaderboards and achievements are adequately handled by Crystal and give you good reason to playing once you unlock all of the levels.

If you won’t crack under the pressure, you’ll get a kick out of Zombie Wonderland. The hordes come fast and furiously, and fending them off takes a lot of concentration, skill, and quick thinking. If you can manage your time and keep your cool during the swarms, you’ll find a lot to love.

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