Updated: Zombie Highway Review

Zombie Highway, the game about dislodging animated corpses from your car as you drive down a desert highway, just received an update that adds two new modes and three new weapons. But if you’ve been playing as a no-talent amateur so far, you’ve got some work ahead of you before you can access them.

The two new modes are No Weapon and Hardcore mode. Both are pretty self explanatory, and they offer exactly the difficulty spikes you’d expect. To unlock No Weapon mode, you have to get at least a bronze medal in the regular mode, which means going 2.5 miles before crashing. To unlock Hardcore, you must travel 30 miles total. If you haven’t gotten there yet, it tells you how many miles you have yet to go. Unfortunately, there’s no scenery change between the modes.

The new weapons are a super-potent poison dart gun, a mega-shotgun, and a belt-fed machine gun. As expected, it’s great fun to unleash major firepower into undead clusters of polygons. One more fun addition is that you can run over the zombies before they jump on you.

Definitely check this game out if you’re looking for a quick thrill. But, please, drive carefully.

Zombie Highway, one of our favorite zombie games– and certainly our favorite zombie driving game– has just gotten its biggest update yet. They’ve added a new misty environment, two more cars, and a handy harpoon weapon. You have to reach certain progress thresholds to unlock them all, but with how crazily addictive this game is, it probably won’t take you very long.

One of our original complaints about the game was that it only featured a single environment, so the new one is a welcomed addition. It’s suitably creepy, with fog obstructing your view of what’s ahead, and stripped-bare trees peppering the landscape. It’s a little unfortunate that, besides the fog, no new gameplay elements have been added to the environment (it’s basically just a re-skin of the desert one) but that’s not a huge deal.

The new cars offer more stability and more speed, and the new weapon brings a lot of added firepower to the game. Thanks to these updates, we’ve been playing Zombie Highway all day long, and we can fully recommend it to anyone looking for a fun way to spend a few minutes or a few hours. This is a top-notch game, with perfect controls, a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and outsize firepower. Pick this one up if you haven’t yet.

Zombie Highway is a game of survival that does away with niceties and goes straight for your jugular. Let us set the scene: You’re driving through a post-apocalyptic desert on a never-ending highway while rotting corpses hurl themselves onto your car. They want your brains, and you just want to live. But this is a high-score game, so you’re going to die one way or another; the goal is to make it as far as possible before being consumed.

Each zombie on your car has a health meter that can be chipped away either by bashing into the burned-out cars that litter the road or by shooting the weapons in your arsenal. When you drain any zombie’s health meter to zero, it splats satisfyingly to the pavement. You’ll have to be quick about it, though, because the zombies will heave your car left and right, or flip it over entirely.

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The controls are nearly perfect. Tilt your phone to control your car, and tap the screen to shoot your guns. Everything feels just as it should. The list of unlockable weapons is pretty standard; they range from low to high firepower, and sport varying clip sizes and reload times.

The biggest downside to the game is that it’s highly repetitive, particularly once you’ve unlocked all of the weapons. That there’s only one environment in the game doesn’t help, either. However, a built-in leaderboard tracks your best distances, and you can tweet your high scores or post them to Facebook. Also, while there’s no music in the game, the sound effects are blunt and terrifically effective. You’ll know it when a zombie attaches to your car or when you fire off a round of ammo.

All of which is to say that Zombie Highway is a great action game that packs a lot of punch into a tiny package. Because the gameplay scenario is so limited, it won’t keep you coming back for long. But while it does, it’s safe to say that you’ll have a bloody good time.

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