Zombie Cannon Carnage Review

Popularized through Flash games, cannon projectile games have been done time and time again, generally with little change from one to the next. At least this one is a little different. Zombie Cannon Carnage is a game that lets you send a zombie superhero soaring through a city, and explode their corpse when they fail to go any further.

If you have ever played a cannon projectile game before, Zombie Cannon Carnage will feel fairly familiar. However, it does bring to the table a nice variety of new elements that must be mastered to succeed. First is the thruster, which allows you to send your zombie flying forward.


When pressing this button you can move the zombie up and down by tilting the device. This is great for reaching obstacles for more points and avoiding flying above the city, which results in getting hit by a plane and ending your round.

After your zombie has racked up enough damage, you can end their run by exploding them. This leaves behind a red ball, which can be steered into obstacles for extra points. If you gain enough damage in this mode, you can create another explosion and send the zombie remains flying further. This continues until you no longer have enough momentum to keep the damage counter up.

Each game initially lasts for three rounds. After each one, you can spend your hard-earned pocket change to upgrade your thruster, cannon, and damage shields to keep you intact longer. There is also a random mystery item, which can be an extra round, chainsaw, air strike, dynamite box, and more.

The big drawback to the gameplay is that there is only one available city. There is a good amount of variety within it, but the lack of randomization means that each round can play like the last. This brings the total replay value down a bit, and we hope more content is added in a future update.

Launching zombies is ok, because they’re already dead.

Once you reach a certain number of points, you’ll unlock another zombie for a grand total of three. The major difference between each zombie is the way they change the graphical style of the city. For example, Rot Bot makes the city into a futuristic neon environment, while Z-Emo brings her gothic, pink-tinted style with her.

The load screen graphics are done in a witty comic-book style, with speech bubbles playing off the real-world stereotypes of each zombie with an undead twist. Depending on what score you get, the game will either praise you or insult you, saying that you need to read the tutorial or stop being a n00b. We intentionally failed a few times just to read these awesome insults.

Zombie Cannon Carnage, like most other Freeverse-published games, has Plus+ integration. However, we were particularly impressed with the insane amount of leaderboards available. Each type of obstacle (including humans, exploding crates, and chainsaws), your total amount of damage overall, and more are tracked and posted online against other players. There is some slowdown when you get an achievement, but this is fairly minor.

If you have enjoyed shooting things out of cannons in the past, Zombie Cannon Carnage is a title that you should check out. Putting an end to the heroes among zombies isn’t just satisfying, it’s better than eating brains.

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