Undead: in the last refuge Review

We’ve seen plenty of clones on the App Store that aim to bring users a similar experience to the original for less money. Undead: in the last refuge attempts to do this with Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies. However, it fails to bring players the same experience due to the lack of online co-op.

Just like the Call of Duty original, this is a zombie survival FPS where you fend off zombies coming through the windows of your shelter. As you progress through the game, new parts of the house open up. You can use many of the same tactics as CoD, like closing up the windows and going for headshots.

New types of zombies are occasionally introduced in later waves, generally moving faster or taking more shots to kill. There is only one map, although in all fairness CoD: Zombies also only comes with one map unless you choose to purchase the other two separately.

Undead’s control scheme is one of its weaker points. While responsiveness is not a problem, why the developer decided to place the fire button right above the analog stick is a little beyond us. Since you are fighting in close quarters with the undead, you’ll want to be able to move and shoot at the same time. Unless you want to severely cramp your fingers, this isn’t exactly possible here. The stop and shoot mechanic works well in Resident Evil games, but in Undead the environment isn’t designed for such a thing.

Cause this is thriller, thriller night..

There are also some bugs in the graphics, such as the BulkyPix logo from the menu showing up in the game itself and 3D models bleeding together. Another quirk is that zombies often fall to the ground when you shoot them, only to rise again seconds later. This can be annoying, since you’ll shift your focus only to be surprised from behind later.

Undead’s goal is to be a cheaper alternative to Call of Duty, cutting co-op multiplayer out of the equation in the process. However, the gameplay is simply not the same without a friend backing you up. There aren’t online leaderboards either, taking out the social aspect alltogether.

While there is certainly potential in this game, and many of the problems could be easily fixed with an update, it’s tough to recommend Undead. Instead of just being a cheaper option compared to CoD: Zombies, Undead: in the last refuge is of noticeably lower quality. We’d hold off on buying it for now.

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