Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D Review

Ever wonder what it’s like to build a city with a drunk crane operator? Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D, Digital Chocolate’s unique take on a stacking game, lets you do just that. The basic premise is simple: construct towers and try to house as many people as possible. But great games can grow out of small ideas like this, and Tower Bloxx is one of them.

Tower building involves dropping a succession of equally-sized tower segments on top of one another from a crane. The operator is probably drunk, as each segment is suspended by a swaying rope. Touch the screen to drop while aiming for a perfect fit with its predecessor. People with umbrellas then float down from the sky into the tower segment just added–the extended Poppins family? Unaligned tower pieces will sway dangerously, while a perfect match will trigger a combo timer and score multipliers. Misplaced segments–missing the tower or toppling an unstable one–will cost you one of your three lives.

In the standard Build City campaign mode, the game starts with three towers: residential blue, commercial red and office green. The blue is the smallest tower at ten segments and can be placed anywhere on the district grid. Red towers can be placed only adjacent to blue towers, and green towers need to be adjacent to a red and blue tower. Each district becomes a puzzle of where to fit towers to maximize population. You can’t check the population of each tower, but you can replace any tower with another, which will show the change in population. As population milestones are reached, more features are unlocked, such as “Trophy Roofs,” which only appear after building a stellar tower and add to the tower’s population.

There are three additional modes of play after Build City. Quick Tower is for building the tallest tower imaginable. Time Attack is a race against the clock to build a tower, with every ten segments giving a time boost. Party Mode introduces a two-player screen, which challenges your partner to a race to build a tower to a specified height. The music during the tower building is a soothing lullaby-type music, which helps concentration a bit, but there is no way to play your own music.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D offers hours of entertainment with few complaints. Seeing hot-air balloons in the background was a treat, too. We never thought stacking blocks could be so fun.

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