Touch Pets Dogs Review

Touch Pets Dogs is for the animal lover in you. It’s also for the little person inside your heart who wants to dress up your dog, but doesn’t want to risk getting both hands stapled by a pair of angry jaws.

Touch Pets Dogs plays a great deal like Nintendogs, the 2005 pet sim title that launched the Nintendo DS’s popularity into the stratosphere. Touch Pets Dogs doesn’t quite compliment the iPhone the way Nintendogs pulled down the barrier between gamer and console with the DS’s touch screen, but there is a lot to do, and a lot of fun to be had. Just be prepared to continuously trickle money into the game if you want to experience all of it.

Touch Pets Dogs lets you adopt up to five puppies from various popular breeds, including German Shepherds, West Highland Terriers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Labradors, Dachshunds, and even Robodogs. You do all the things with your virtual pup that you’d expect to do with a real dog: you throw sticks, play with toys, feed him, groom him, pick up his mess, and make that no-good lazy bum get a job. Oh, and you shop for various outfits and trinkets that you use to deck him out like a Christmas tree. Of course.

Please, please please’¦ do not try this at home.

Touch Pets Dogs is free to download and play. You start the game with your doggie, a few bags of food, and a pocket full of ‘Puppybux.’ Puppybux will buy you accessories, toys, treats, new dogs, and the tools they need to embark on careers. Strangely enough, Puppybux won’t buy you new food. Kibble is purchased through the ‘Puppy Master,’ who will slide you a few bags of food in exchange for real life money’”the same money you use to pay your rent and buy pizza and beer.

A dollar will net you ten bags of food, plus eight ‘bonus’ bags. There are package deals on the App Store that will net you the game, plus several dozen bags of food. Seems reasonable at first, but these dogs zip through their rations fast enough to make a sonic boom. The more you play with them or work them, the more food they consume. If you run out of food, your dog goes to sleep and won’t wake up until you make with the horsemeat.

There’s also the matter of Puppybux being difficult to earn. If your dog is exceptionally happy, the Puppybux start rolling in. Making your dog happy is easy enough: by petting him and playing with him, you build up various stats, which are also useful when he seeks out a career. If you keep those stats high, you get paid. Unfortunately, you only get a few bucks at a time, and most items in Touch Pets Dogs cost thousands.

You’re under arrest for naming me Fido.

The idea is to grovel at the feet of the Puppy Master once again, and exchange bowls of food (in other words, real life money) for several thousand Puppybux. So what if your dog is in a permanent anti-food coma? He still looks adorable in his little police hat.

Grooming your dog for a job as a rescuer, scientist, policeman or politician(?) is the highlight of Touch Pets Dogs. When you meet certain requirements, you can send your canine to answer pleas for help. You even get a snapshot of the mission to post on Facebook and flaunt in front of your friends and their boring regular pets. But missions require significant stat build-up and ‘career tools,’ which cost’”you guessed it’”thousands of Puppybux.

Really though, the dogs are pretty adorable (once we got past the slight creepiness of their biiiiiig eyes) and a lot of fun to train and interact with. If you’re dying for a super-portable Nintendogs experience and you’re okay with dishing out money for food, Touch Pets Dogs is worth fetching.

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