Time Geeks: Find All! Review

When you get past the Call of Duties and Farmvilles of the world, you’ll find that much of gaming culture is aimed at geeks. Time Geeks: Find All! is where geeks and gaming collide. You’ll venture to soccer games invaded by aliens, futuristic cities, and even an island that pays tribute to the show Lost.

Time Geeks takes the never-changing hidden object genre and gives it a fresh coat of paint. Each level has you looking for one type of object or person in a pixel art scene. If you fail to find it within the time limit, you’ll need to restart and the object or objects will be placed elsewhere. The faster you find the object, the more stars you’re awarded.

One very annoying part about the game is that a bubble-like spaceship carrying the three ‘time geeks’ follows your camera around and floats in the middle of the screen. This gets in the way more often than not and seems unnecessary.

Is that an Android statue?

As you play through History mode, which has eight missions with roughly ten to fifteen objects in each, you’ll unlock other bonus modes. These include arcade mode, an endless score run where you need to find three aliens in each picture, relax mode, which has no timer, and minigames.

The minigames also have star-based scoring systems. There are seven in total, most of which require you to react quickly by tapping on the screen. Unfortunately, the two most interesting minigames involve poorly optimized tilt controls that make them nearly unplayable. This is disappointing, since one of them has you running through sonic barriers to avoid a pillar of black smoke, which brings back fond memories of Lost to geeks like us.

One last mode allows you to place items unlocked through history mode on a blank island template. You can scale them to any size you like and place them wherever you want. While this is a cool idea, the game doesn’t let you use these as playable levels.

Electroil: At least we’re not BP!

Time Geeks is both Game Center and OpenFeint enabled, meaning you can use either or both, if you so choose. For now, using both is the best option considering Game Center is still not quite up to par with other services.

As you may have noticed, Time Geeks is filled with references to Lost. In fact, the majority of the sprites are Lost-themed. We won’t spoil the surprises, but fans of the show should not think twice about downloading this game.

Not a Lost fan? Chances are you will still enjoy what Time Geeks has to offer. Even with a couple of downsides, this is a hidden object game that offers geek culture in a fun package. What more could you ask for?

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