Updated: Tilt To Live HD Review

Tilt To Live and Tilt To Live HD recently received an online multiplayer update that lets you play one of the newer modes, Viva La Turret, with a friend. Using either a local Wi-fi connection or Game Center matchmaking, two players can now attempt the Turret mode cooperatively.

In Viva La Turret co-op, one player can pick up points while the other player mans a stationary machine gun power-up and blasts away at the dreaded red dots. The mobile player can also bring back additional power-ups to recharge the turret, but you can’t have two turrets active at the same time.

Viva La Turret is an extra $.99 purchase, so we’re not sure how many players will opt for this extra mode. Still, we’ll take any excuse to play Tilt To Live once again. Even though this game is a few years old, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience on the App Store.

Since we first reviewed the iPhone version of Tilt To Live, there have been a number of notable improvements to iDevice gaming, like the iPad, Retina displays, and gyroscope controls. But most developers still seem to think the best way to control your games is by grafting a console controller on the screen. Tilt To Live HD turns this convention on its head.

Like Labyrinth 2, Tilt To Live is controlled entirely by tilt (except for the menus, of course). It’s a white-knuckled action game, where you control an arrow and must avoid rampaging red dots. While this doesn’t sound too exciting, the peppy music and scores of power-ups help make Tilt To Live HD a Must Have on the iPad.

Cold front moving in.

As you play, you’ll unlock new weapons by meeting the game’s bizarre demands for achievements. For example, to unlock one achievement you’ll have to bounce back and forth between the two sides of the screen ten times, which isn’t easy when there are hundreds of dots chasing you. While all four gameplay modes are unlocked from the start, new weapons can only be unlocked by playing well.

Tilt To Live HD is essentially the same game as the iPhone version, which has grown over time to become the fully-featured experience it is now. By buying the full version of Tilt To Live HD (the initial download is free, but it costs $3.99 for the full version), you’re buying a truly creative action game that rewards your persistence. Even the loading screens are full of personality.

Connect the dots… to your spikes.

Tilt To Live HD may have started as a simple concept, but it didn’t stay simple for long. When you’re squeaking through a line of encroaching enemy dots, snagging an electrifying power-up, and then rushing to collect your 30th mini-nuke for an achievement, you’ll be glad you shelled out a few dollars for Tilt To Live HD.

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