Silent Scope Review

Konami resurrects an arcade classic in its iDevice version of Silent Scope, a rail shooter that pits a group of terrorists against a super-sniper in a mission to save the President and the first family.

But despite memories of the arcade fresh in our mind, the clumsy aiming and high price tag outweighs any sense of nostalgia. At least not for $5.99.

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It’s time to hit the arcade and revisit good old 3D shooter, Silent Scope… Well sort of. You’ll see what I mean.

Silent Scope puts you be on a mission to save the President and his family from a group of terrorists with your amazing sniper skills. In the end, the country should be safe because of your over-the-top abilities.

Controls work by double tapping the touch screen to zoom in, then tapping once to shoot. Slide your finger to look around and aim. This may sound fun and easy but the controls aren’t spectacular. The game plays a little like Time Crisis, a basic shooter on rails — position is preset, with no movement other than aiming. Sometimes the game will mix things up, putting you in a pre-controlled vehicle. Trying to pick off terrorists and bosses as the camera bounces around is definitely a challenge.

The game might sound like a blast, but it falls short of expectations. Aiming is very slow — By the time you get your target in your sights, chances are you’ll be run over by an 18-wheeler. You lose life when this happens, so as you can see, the controls could use work. The screen around the crosshair also is shaded in black, which makes it hard to see where you are. Also for the $5.99 Konami charges, the graphics just feel half-assed.

From the little good this game offers, the story is pretty fun. If you can somehow ignore the terrible controls, the plot can keep you playing through.

Bottom line, with the terrible controls, hard aiming and high price, it’s hard justify clicking “buy” on this one.

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